Celeste Hedequist is a dedicated mother and lawyer based in Boston.

Celeste Hedequist received her Master of Public Health from Columbia University. She later went on to work as an Attorney for Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts. Apart from her career, Celeste Hedequist and her family are avid travelers. Celeste appreciates the experiences she’s had with family and hopes to continue to make memories for years to come.

Together Celeste Hedequist, her husband, and their four children have traveled to Greece, Spain, London, France, Bahamas, Bermuda, Italy, Montana, Pacific Northwest, Maine, Vermont, and N.H. just to name a few. Celeste is currently planning next adventure to New Orleans in May.

Being able to travel with her family and experience different cultures together has been beyond rewarding for the Hedequist family. Apart from the cultural immersion, just being able to get away from everything and spend time together is most precious to Celeste. Throughout their travels, Celeste has found that taking her children out of their comfort zone has been one of the best aspects. Rather than travel to more traditional places, Celeste Hedequist and her husband look to plan more unique and diverse adventures for their family. In doing so, the children are able to grow and expand their perception of the world.

As an avid traveler, Celeste Hedequist is often researching what other families have tried or experienced. Celeste takes the time to meticulously research locations, often times making a list of unique activities for her family. Similarly, following these trips, Celeste enjoys sharing her experiences with other families, giving them insight and tips for each destination.

A most memorable trip for Celeste and her family was their trip to Dubai. Upon her arrival home, Celeste found herself getting calls from people asking what their experience was like and would she recommend it. Being able to have fun with her family, and help families have similar experiences, has always been a passion of Celeste’s.

On their many trips out west, Celeste and her family have tried numerous hiking trails. She’s made it a point to share the best trails, and those that were more difficult, with her friends and other families in the community.

Just recently they took a trip out of their comfort zone and went to Wyoming. Rather than go to the more popular winter getaway spots like Jackson Hole, the Hedequist family found themselves at Yellowstone Park amongst blizzard our conditions.Though they typically went to warmer destinations, Celeste found it important to try something new. Nonetheless, they loved it. Together they went dog sledding for 22 miles through the snow capped mountains and loved it!

The best part about stepping outside your comfort zone, when it comes to traveling, is that When you get there there’s places that exist that most people wouldn’t ever think of. While in Wyoming, the Hedequist family travelled to Moose falls, where they went sledding down a natural man made hull without a sled. They also got to experience the hot springs in the middle of winter, which was a new and exciting experience for the whole family.


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