Top Travel Websites for Planning a Trip

The Internet has revolutionized the way in which people plan their travel, but sometimes all of the choices can be overwhelming. Here is a handful of some tried and true travel planning websites designed to help consumers get the most out of travel planning while finding the best rates:

KAYAK: One of the most comprehensive travel portals out there, Kayak crawls the Internet to find the best deals on hotels rooms, flights, and rental cars. The pricing trends help consumers decide when is the best time to pull the trigger, while the travel alerts notify travelers with customized deals.

JETSETTER: Aimed at the most discerning traveler, Jetsetter leads the way in luxury travel experiences and personally curated information providing minute details not found on other review sites, such as water pressure, Wi-Fi signal strength, and more. The flash sales assist consumers in finding the best deals on the most premium travel.

AIRFARE WATCH DOG: While most airfare watch sites use a variety of machine intelligence and fancy algorithms to find the best travel deals, Airfare Watch Dog uses a small staff of actual humans to scan the Internet to find the best deals. Their motto is quality over quantity. The service also provides airfares that have dropped in price suddenly, alerting consumers to the biggest savings in the industry.

AIRBNB: The granddaddy of them all, Airbnb was the pioneer in the home sharing business. As the concept has continued to grow at a rapid pace, Airbnb leads the marketplace in both the number of listings and innovation. The company now boasts over 1.5 million listings in every corner of the world.

TRIPADVISOR: This all-encompassing travel website is a goldmine of information, providing ratings, rankings, reviews, and more for a variety of travel-related entities. The user forums connect travels from all over the world, as the site relies heavily on user-generated content. Not only is TripAdvisor a one-stop shop for loads of information, the site also now supports direct bookings.

SKIPLAGGED: One of the more unique air travel sites, Skiplagged helps consumers use the concept of “hidden cities” to their advantage by finding connecting cities that will get the traveler to their intended destination at a much lower price.

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