Cruise Myths: Debunked

Cruises are a great way to travel, especially with a family. However, there are still so many myths that surround cruises that cause people to never experience a cruise! Let’s debunk some of the most common myths surrounding cruises.

You’ll get Seasick

Most cruise ships are equipped with a stabilizer, which does just that, keeps the boat stable. Unless you are in the middle of a storm, you will likely not even notice you are sailing. If you are particularly prone to seasickness, you can book a cabin in the middle of the deck where the ship is at its natural balance point.

It’s too Expensive

The cruise itself is not usually what is expensive. The extras aboard ship, alcohol, gambling, etc. are what add up and make a trip too expensive. Another way people end up overspending is by taking too many excursions while on the cruise. Because the ship stops occasionally, you do have the opportunity to get off the ship and go flightseeing or indulge in a massage. While these are great and fun activities, they do add up.

It’s All Inclusive

Another way that people end up overspending on their cruise trip is they are unaware that they have to pay for the “extras” on their ship. Many people are still under the impression that cruises are all inclusive.While the basic cruise fare still includes room and board, traditional cruise ship amenities such as a swimming pool and the basic ship entertainment, anything else is extra. For example, many cruises now offer small group cooking classes, exercise classes or specialty restaurants. These will always cost extra! Anything outside of the basic ship entertainment comes out of your own pocket, so plan accordingly.

It’s One Big Party

While it may be true that cruises used to be more a party scene, these days, cruises are marketed to multi-generational families. Cruise lines have capitalized on the opportunity to have young adults, families and retired couples all sail on the same cruise and have a great time. What cruisers have in common is a love of travel and having fun, and that makes for a great mixture of people aboard any cruise ship.

No matter what you may have heard, you will not get seasick on a cruise, it is not too expensive, nor is it all inclusive. Lastly, cruises are not just one big party. In 2018, cruises have evolved to meet the needs of all travelers and include almost any activity you can think of to indulge in while on the ship! So get to cruising!

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