Fun Things To Do In Kauai With The Family

Estimated at being more than seven million years old makes Kauai one of the first Hawaiian Islands. The destination feature lush rainforests and scenic gardens. However, there are many fun and fascinating things to experience for the entire family.

Lydgate Farms Tour

The interactive tour provides guests with the chance to learn about the tropical fruits grown on the island. Along with seeing the plants and trees that grow the fruit, all are also invited to sample the treats. The facility additionally grows cocoa trees. The chocolate tent offers the chance to sample the end product after the nuts are processed. When finished feasting on the offerings, children are welcome to venture to various tents to color or to craft Lego creations.

Mountain River Tubing

The adventure is offered through Kauai Backcountry Adventures in Hanamaulu. Guests register and take a quick trip to Mount Waialeale Crater. Adventurers don the necessary safety gear before climbing onto an inner tube in the river. The waterway extends for several miles and takes tubers through a local plantation. The journey includes passing through a lengthy, handmade tunnel and taking in the amazing scenery.


The waters around the island are crystal clear and teaming with a wide variety of vegetation and marine life. Various tour companies take guests to pre-determined destinations in order to explore the world beneath the ocean. The companies supply the gear and meals needed to embark on day-long adventures. Snorkelers have the unique chance to see dolphins, sea turtles and many species of colorful tropical fish. Anini Beach is an alternate location that comes highly recommended for snorkeling.

Learn to Surf

Venture to Hanalei Beach and treat all to surfing lessons. The scenic location features forested mountains bordering the beach. Guests have the option of renting surfboards and getting professional instruction. Poipu is another location that offers surfing instruction. If surfing does not appeal to you, perhaps consider taking a stand-up paddleboard tour.

Kauai Kunana Dairy Farm

Along with having fruit groves, the Kilauea facility raises goats for milk and cheese. Guests have the opportunity to sample the produce. All learn about the milking process and how the milk is cultured to make cheese. Children enjoy feeding the goats and playing with the babies.

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