How to Survive International Flights

International flights can sound overwhelming and scary, but the following tips will help you as you prepare for your flight as well as when you are on the flight.

Get to the Airport Early

Arrive at the airport early. This is true when leaving for your trip as well as departing for home on the way back. If you are travelling out of a large airport in a large city, even three hours ahead of your flight time is not too early, especially in the summer.

Be Mindful on the Flight

Be sure to drink lots of water while you’re flying. Get up and move around as well. Those may seem like obvious suggestions, but they will repay you in dividends. Also remember when you get on the flight that you are not tied to your particular seat. If there are some others that are available, and you want to change to that one, you may ask the flight attendant and typically they will allow you to move seats.

Get as Comfortable as Possible

Wear comfortable shoes and clothes on your international flight. You are in this for the long haul and there is no reason to dress to the nines. Take some slippers with you to keep your feet comfortable. Keep your nasal passages and your eyes well lubricated. That will help avoid coming down with a sinus infection after a long flight. If you have neck or back issues, bring a neck pillow. They make inflatable ones as well if you are worried about space. Bring ear plugs so that if you want complete silence, you are able to access it.

Be Prepared for Flight Delays and Issues

Make sure you have your medications and a change of clothes in your carry on baggage, not your checked luggage. This is true for both directions, as you may get delayed and you will need access to your medications and change of clothing. As far as your ID, put it inside of your luggage as well as something that shows where you will be the first night of travel. That way, if your luggage is delayed and something gets torn off from the outside of your suitcase, the airline will still be able to find you. Put a ribbon or something else colorful on the handle of you luggage so you can see it coming down the luggage carousel. Set your watch to the destination time as soon as you depart. Once you are there, a short nap is fine but don’t sleep too long. Get up, get out and get in the sunlight. Try to stay awake until at least 9 in the evening. This will get you acclimated to the time change and ready to make the most of your trip!

International trips and flights can be daunting. However, if you prepare ahead of time and take care of yourself while on the flight, they should not be too much of a disruption or annoyance. You may even grow to enjoy international flights!

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