How Travel Will Change This Year

In 2019 travel will be different than in years past. Many of the rules and expectations throughout the travel industry are changing. These changes affect everything from airlines to hotels and even national tourist attractions.

Changes the airlines are making include cracking down on travelers’ bags. Baggage allowance limits are set to be much lower than ever before. As a result, a growing number of people are using new services that allow them to mail their baggage from home to their destination and back again.

In other countries, travelers are becoming more willing to clean up local attractions they visit, such as beaches and parks. This may be partly because so many tourist destinations are fading away over time.

As a result of that, there is a new trend toward visiting certain places while they still exist. Referred to as “last chance tourism,” it is set to be one of the year’s biggest travel changes. This is due in large part to climate changes currently taking place. For example, Greenland has opened more airports due to the number of people traveling to and from it. Cruises are even starting to include Greenland as a destination because of the coastline’s melting ice. The lack of ice makes it easier for cruise ships to dock there.

While they are at it, cruise ships are becoming more environmentally friendly. Many are eliminating the use of plastic straws and silverware.

On a completely different note, 2019 is expected to see an upswing in the number of women traveling alone. Group tours are being created to target these travelers. They are doing so in response to women who are traveling alone multiple times per year.

While people continue their travel, they are expected to slow down on taking and posting selfies. Selfies are fading in popularity as people want to beef up the quality of their social media posts. This allows people to remember their vacation in a way selfies didn’t reflect. The focus now is more on photographing where people go and what they see. These pictures tend to be clearer and have more meaning to people when they look back on their vacation.

These are all the changes travelers should expect for 2019. The changes will gradually be implemented across the board and over time.

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