Tips for Traveling with a Baby

Have you made the brave decision to travel with your baby? Are you going it alone and looking for some tips in order to make it go as smoothly as possible? Read on for some of the most helpful tips for travel with a baby.

Make a Checklist

While older kids have the ability to carry their own luggage, the same cannot be said for a baby. Therefore, it is imperative that you create a comprehensive checklist for your baby before you begin your travel. You will want to pack diapers and wipes, extra changes of clothing, baby friendly snacks and whatever comfort items your baby likes to have. Once you make the checklist, be sure to thoroughly check it for anything you may have forgotten. It may be difficult to find baby products at an airport or out on the road, so if you think your baby may want it, pack it.

Prepare the Bottles Ahead of Time

The TSA has regulations against traveling with any more than three ounces of liquid, but that rule doesn’t apply to baby formula or juice. So have it prepared ahead of time! It is probably easier to use a powder formula, that way you only have to travel with the water needed to mix it with. Try to nurse or bottle-feed baby during takeoff and landing to prevent ear pain from the air pressure change.

Consider Scheduling the Trip around the Child’s Sleep Time

If possible, schedule your flight or your trip overnight. That way, you can get your child in their pajamas, hop onboard and they can go right to sleep. Maybe you can too! If you’re on an airplane, you can put the shades down for more darkness. This is the best case scenario for a baby because they can sleep through the monotonous hours of travel and wake up well rested for the adventure ahead!

Pack Comfort Items

Your child most likely has a favorite blanket, stuffed animal and more. Pack as much of it as possible. The easiest way for travel to go smoothly is for your baby to feel comfortable. And the easiest way for that to happen is for them to have access to security and comfort items, like blankets or stuffed animals.

Traveling with a baby is not for the weary. Instead of dreading the trip, follow the above tips and be confident that you have set you and your baby up for success as much as possible!

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