Why you should Unplug from Social Media While Traveling

Social media is addictive, so disconnecting from social media on vacation won’t be easy. To check a Facebook news feed or tweet a message when the technology is nearby is accessible. A true disconnect requires leaving the phone, tablet, and computer at home or turning it off. This forces travelers to find other ways to spend free time. The benefits are immense.

Recharge Batteries

It’s easy to feel burned out and stuck in a rut doing the same repetitive motions. Social media is escapism from work and home, but reading the wrong thing brings stress, worry, and fear with it. Social media causes anxiety, agitation, and flustered feelings due to cyberbullying, negative comments, and pressure to conform to their viewpoint. Life is more than social media. Therefore, de-stress the mind, body, and soul by leaving the social media world on vacation. A pleasant stroll on the beach, a massage, or an adventurous hike redirects the mind to a calming and stress-free place. Travelers can concentrate on less stressful situations, replenishing the brain for the new tasks awaiting travelers at work.

Improve Concentration

Social media divides concentration between work and home. At work, problem-solving gets tasks completed, and checking social media accounts during work is a distraction. It pushes the tasks back further and further until employees procrastinate. At home, social media distracts family members from completing chores, homework, and running errands. Frequent unplugging will improve focus by focusing on current tasks as well as forgotten tasks and future tasks. Productivity increases when social media is in the rearview.

Reconnect with Life

A disconnect from social media forces travelers to reconnect with the surroundings to pass time. A random conversation, visiting the museum, or watching the sunset are precious memories social media cannot provide. The world is a great teacher. Not focusing on a computer, cell phone, or tablet allows travelers to learn and discover new things. People naturally talk to travelers who aren’t social media obsessed. Who knows? The information learned may be the answer to complete a task. 

A vacation can do wonders for mental, physical, and emotional health. Escape reality, enjoy surroundings, and live in the moment. Turn off technology and turn on the creative and adventurous personality too. Besides, social media followers can see the best vacation photos upon return.

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