Your Itinerary for Dubai

Planning a visit to Dubai is quite an undertaking. There is so much to see and do, vacationers may not know where to start. The truth is that planning an itinerary for a Dubai trip is a lot of work. However, the work pays off when the time comes. 

Day One: Getting Around Town

Before visitors even arrive it helps to know the best ways to get around town. Those who choose not to rent a car likely won’t have many problems getting from point A to point B. Public transportation choices include reliable bus service, and affordable taxi cabs. The train service is also extensive enough to make local travel easy. 

Day Two: Seeing the Sights

Once settled into Dubai, it is time to start exploring. Some must-see destinations include the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. Its pair of observation decks are the perfect way to get an aerial view of the city. Even the observation decks are set higher up than any other in the world. Once tourists have descended to the ground floor of the building they are left in front of the Burj Khalifa lake. The lake holds Dubai’s version of Las Vegas’s Bellagio fountains. 

A more secluded, serene site to see is the desert. The best way for tourists to see the deserts of Dubai is to pay an experienced local to drive then through one. When tourists book a safari they can choose between morning and evening sessions. The evening sessions even give tourists the option of adding on a sunset dinner. The truly brave will often embark on a hot air balloon ride and/or spend a night camping out in the desert. 

Day Three: Shopping And Whale Watching

For a fun day of shopping in a cool environment on a hot day, the Dubai Mall is the place to be. Bigger than any other in the world, it spans one million square inches. In addition to many retailers and eateries, Dubai Mall is home to the city’s underwater zoo, housed within the aquarium. Roughly 33,0000 animals can be seen at the aquarium, which includes more sand tiger sharks than any other aquarium has. 

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