Getting Through The Airport With Ease

Air travel can be a real bother. There are long lines and endless security checks. It can seem like the process of getting through the airport will never end. High levels of stress are the norm, but there are steps that can be taken to alleviate some of the more common sources of stress. Here are a few:

Sign Up For TSA Pre-Check

There are usually two security lines at airports that handle large numbers of passengers. There is TSA Pre-Check, which is the short line, and there is a line for everyone else. During busy travel times, the regular line can take 30 minutes or more to get through. The Pre-Check line will rarely take more than 10 minutes.

Check-In From Home

Waiting until you get to the airport is the perfect way to spend extra time waiting in line. Most airlines allow travelers to check in for flights up to 24 hours before the flight is scheduled to leave. As long as no bags have to get checked, those who have checked in for their flights can just head to security. Those with Pre-Check will then get into the shorter line and breeze through.

Bring Less Stuff

Bringing a bag that needs to be checked in is a good way to spend more time in line. Those who can get by with only a carry-on don’t have to go through the payment process and wait for a bag tag to print out. Additionally, they’ll be able to avoid the luggage carousel at their ultimate destination. This means getting home or to the beach a bit more quickly.

Put Pocket Items In A Carry-On

In addition to bringing only a carry-on bag, putting items that are normally in your pocket into a carry-on before security will speed up the process. Keys and wallets have to be taken out of your pockets eventually, so why not put them into the carry-on rather than into the plastic bins that are only accessible when arriving at the screening stations.

Check Gates Often

After getting through security, it’s possible to save some time by checking the screens frequently. Gate changes do happen, and going to the wrong gate when there’s a tight time frame for a departure or a connection can lead to additional stress. It’s best to know where to go as early as possible to avoid unnecessary stress. By paying attention to these tips, it’s possible to get through the airport more quickly.

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