The Best National Parks To Travel Too

Exploring a national park offers an escape to another world far from mundane modern routine. There are dozens of magnificent national parks to discover in North America, each with its own distinct personality. Here are a few of the best national parks to visit for a memorable encounter with the wild:

Jasper National Park

Mention of the Canadian wilderness conjures images of powerful moose and mighty grizzlies winding their way through a snow-covered pine forest. Alberta’s Jasper National Park offers visitors the opportunity to see these iconic scenes and much more. The park covers over 4300 square miles of wild terrain and boasts thousands of species of plants, insects, birds, and mammals. Hikers will enjoy over 615 miles of trails, while campers will find paradise in the highly untouched ecosystem. Skiing and snowboarding are also popular activities from November to April.

Yellowstone National Park

No national park list would be complete without mentioning Yellowstone, the world’s oldest national park and one of the United States’ top tourist destinations. Despite the large number of visitors, the park is so vast that it never feels crowded, maintaining an authentic natural splendor. Yellowstone offers incredibly diverse wonders from mountains and canyons to waterfalls, geysers, and hot springs. Covering 2.2 million acres across three states, the park is best enjoyed during a multiple-day vacation—and don’t hesitate to explore off the beaten path in order to make the most of your time in this stunning destination.

Yosemite National Park

California’s Yosemite National Park is famous all over the world for its immense granite peaks and unsurpassed rock climbing routes. One glimpse of the El Capitan rock formation leaves tourists awestruck at the result of millennia of glacier erosion. Similarly, ancient sequoia trees transport visitors to another era, mesmerizing with their stature and history. Yosemite can be visited all year round with winter activities like skiing and snowshoeing replacing the hiking and biking pastimes enjoyed during warmer months.

Of course, this list barely scratches the surface of the long list of national parks to visit. From the Everglades and Dry Tortugas National Parks in Florida to Denali National Park in Alaska, there are countless ways to experience fascinating wildlife and stunning landscapes across all of North America.

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