Travel Spotlight: Venice

Are you lucky enough to have a trip to Venice coming up? What are some tips for traveling to Venice? Read on to find out.

Be Prepared to be Lost

Venice is beautiful but it is also a very old city. Therefore, there is a high chance you will get lost at least once on your trip. Instead of panicking when this happens, be prepared for it and try to embrace it. Have a physical map as well as one on your phone. There is a tourist info center right outside of the train station. You will probably still get lost even with a map, but try to enjoy it. You will find backstreets, piazzas and more.  

Make Sure you Pack your Patience

Twenty million tourists come to the streets of Venice every year. Compare this to the number of locals (300,000) and you can see why you will need to pack your patience. With all of these tourists, inevitably sometimes you will have to wait in line to get into the churches and more. It can become frustrating but imagine the patience of the locals. They deal with a 4,000 to one ratio when it comes to tourists!

Don’t Expect to get the best Italian Food

Don’t expect authentic Italian food when in Venice. Why? Tourist restaurants know they don’t have to have the best Italian food because more tourists will come back tomorrow. That being said, there are still some hidden gems along the streets of Venice. You just have to ask around for the local haunts.

Dress Modestly

If you want to go to  St Mark’s Basilica, there are rules about your wardrobe. It is one of the most amazing churches in the world here and you don’t want to be kept out for not being dressed modestly. Be careful with the short shorts and the cut offs. Dress modestly, especially if you are planning on visiting the churches.

If you’re going to stay in Venice, it will cost you

You can stay close by for a fraction of the cost. There is more than just the Venice island here. There is a ton to do outside of the island. You can visit the beaches on the surrounding island. Use the water taxis to access these areas.

If you are planning to travel to Venice, you will be more prepared after reading the above tips. Above all, enjoy the beautiful ancient city!

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