Weather-Related Travel Myths that Flyers Believe

Taking a trip for business or for personal reasons is always an adventure. When you are looking to take a trip for any purpose, there are a variety of variables that could impact whether you get there on time and how your trip will go. One of the more significant variables that could impact your trip is the weather. For the typical traveler, there are a variety of weather related travel myths that are frequently believed that are not actually true.

Rain is Not Important
One of the biggest misconceptions about traveling is how much rain will have an impact on safety and overall reliability. Most people believe that a standard rainstorm will not have much of an impact on travel at all. However, it actually can have a major impact. For example, in Los Angeles where it does not rain very frequently, runway accidents jump nearly 400% during rain storms. However, there are other areas of the country where this is not as significant of a concern.

Summer Travel is Easier
Another common belief is that traveling during the summer is usually much easier and weather will not have as much of an impact. Most people believe that the most significant reason why flights will be delayed is because of snow and icy conditions. However, you are just as likely to be delayed during the summer months due to strong summer storms and major named storms affecting global travel.

Travel Insurance Will Fix the Problem
One of the options that people will have when they booked a flight is to purchase travel insurance. When you book travel insurance, you are basically providing yourself with an insurance policy if your plan and trip have to be canceled for a variety of reasons. Most people believe that weather delays will allow for these cancellations. However, whether or not your trip can be cancelled and reimbursed due to weather is based on a variety of factors and many policies may not cover your cancellation.

Frequent Flyers Get Redeemed
Most standard travelers also feel that they are at a disadvantage compared to business travelers. While it is true that frequent travelers do get perks, they are not always completely take care of. If their trip is delayed, they could be impacted the same way as everyone else without any form of redemption.

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