The Best Time of Day To Book A Flight

If you want to find the best possible deal the next time you book your flight, you may have to get up very early in the morning. According to the travel fare aggregator website Skyscanner, the best time of the day to book a flight if you want a great deal is around five o’clock in the morning. This is obviously long before most people are awake, let alone contacting airlines for plane tickets, so you’re beating everyone to the punch in that respect.

Of course, there is more to finding a good deal on plane tickets than simply setting your alarm and getting up early. You also have to know the best day of the week and the best time of the year to book your flight. You will have better luck getting a good deal if you book your flight early on Sunday morning. Mondays also seem to work out well, but that will mean getting up at five in the morning on a workday, so you’re probably better off making the call on a Sunday instead. You’ll also find better deals on plane tickets if you buy them in January. That’s not when people are likely to travel since it’s both the coldest month of the year and immediately after the holiday season, but that’s precisely why you can get a good deal. Tickets will be readily available at prices you might not find during the rest of the year.

Finally, try to plan your flights at least two months in advance. Not only will this be much less stressful, but you will once again have some more affordable options to choose from. We know that life happens and you may have to buy tickets to fly somewhere within a few days, but a two-month cushion should provide you with enough time to buy tickets to where you want to go and plan everything out.

Booking an affordable flight is all about planning ahead, but it is also about getting up early. You’ll stand a much better chance of getting the tickets that you want if you’re up before the sun, so get plenty of sleep and set an early alarm. It may sound like a hassle if you’re not a morning person, but it really is the best way to book a flight in 2019.

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